Friday, September 23, 2005

Fire, Containment, and Jet Fuel

I am not a moderate. I'm not mainstream. The name I wear proudly is Radical Extremist. It seems fairly obvious as to why. To me, its simply a matter of causation. If the nation had been moderately altered, then I would be a moderate. Because moderate action would suffice to fix the problem.

Such is not the case. Radical change has taken place. Extreme leftward motion has occured, and therefore, extreme rightward motion is required to return her to her original place.

The reality of our world dictates, that unfortunately, we cannot vote our government into shrinking. Leviathan is like a fire. It can start small, and be gradually fed into a huge demonic beast... but once it's a beast, its very very difficult to simply stop feeding it and let it go away.

Ever tried to deprive a forest fire of oxygen? Good luck with that.

When a fire reaches a certain point, you have options... actively fight it, or let it burn until it kills itself... Option two requires some type of containment.

Containment should sound familiar. Conservatives knew that Communism, like fire, required new fuel to continue to burn. So they attempted to limit the new fuel (new territory), and allow the communism to simply burn itself up. It worked.

What is missed today, is that as America passed the point of socialism (1930s) it ceased to produce enough to sustain itself. It now requires more and more external fuel. Rather than consuming new territory, so far, America has simply opted for debt.

Our choices are clear. We can simply attempt to contain the fire, and allow it to destroy itself. This appears to be the strategery the Republicans give lip service to. Of course, it is just lip service, as when they get into power they throw gas on the fire like the crazed pyromaniacs they are. The strategy of the democrats is to simply deny that fire is a destructive force. After all, if the entire world burned to rubble, then the entire world is equal, and equality is the most noble goal there is.

Right about now, the fire is nearing Dresden intensity. Dubya's tax cut was the rough equivelent of squirting it with a watergun. The Prescription Drug Benefit, and No Child Left Behind were the equivelent of dropping 20,000 gallons of jetfuel on it. So much for containment.

Fire must be put out violently. Either by deluge, or suffocation. You can flood her out, or you can stamp her out. Either way, you have to get in there and get it done. You can't stand on the edge and spit at it.

Governments are shrunk only when they are forced too. Men with guns make the rules. When the government has the guns, it makes the rules. If it wants more power, it takes it. This will go one until guns are leveled at the Government, and it is forced to either crawl back to its hole, or fight.

Unfortunately, they almost always fight.

Rome burned itself out... and now, nothing remains at all.

I prefer the quick and violent confrontation, to the slow burn. At least that way, there's usually something left to rebuild.

One way or another the United States is dieing.

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