Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Failure of Compulsory Education

You can lead a horse to water, but ya can't make him drink.

See kids... you can't educate anyone, for education to occur, they must choose to be an active participant. It takes a whole lot less energy to ignore you than it takes you to talk. It takes more than mere presence.

I watch this business in New Orleans... which follows the same sort of business in Cincinatti... and Los Angles... and... and... and... and I conclude that we are simply failing. Or more accurately put.. we have failed. We have failed to impress upon the black and the poor our own value of education.

50 years ago folks in the south, who by the way had more experience with blacks than folks in any other region of the country, said that blacks would never integrate, and that de-segregating the schools would accomplish nothing. They were blown off. They were from the South right? They must be racists.

Except here we are. 50 years later. Still we have, in every large city in America, totally black schools that are utterly pathetic. They are less schools, and more day-time prisons. Places the black folks in the inner city send their kids during the day to make sure they aren't running the streets.

They have nothing to do with education.

These prisons do perform a funtion. They keep some kids out of trouble. They allow some kids to get into sports... and that gets them out of the jungle... They may even, on the rare occasion, not totally prevent a kid from learning on his own.

These things however, have nothing to do with actual education.

The only way to fix this is to end compulsory education. We have to get these kids out of the schools. These kids who have no interest in being there, must go. Build another place for them... put up monkey bars they can play on... feed them... give them toys and games... organize sports teams... whatever... just don't pretend its a school.

This post is as UnPC as you will ever read, but the fact is, the races don't want to integrate. They don't want anything to do with each other. Blacks don't choose to hang out with whites. Whites don't choose to hang out with blacks. Any trip to any club, or school in the country will demonstrate this to be observable reality.

We've spent trillions in the war on poverty to try to change it. And for those trillions... we've gotten nothing in return.

Oh sure.. there are some black folks in the suburbs... and there are highly educated black folks too. But those were around in the 50's too. So that's not progress. That's not a change.

Blacks in general do not want schools. They want day care for teenagers.

That's what they get.

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