Friday, September 09, 2005

Busy Busy Busy

Holy crap man... We've been bustin' our butts around here. I've not had time to blog nearly enough... I'm sitting here with at least 20 posts stuck in my head... and no time to type 'em out. GAH!

See... about a week and a half ago it occured to DrWho and I... We were just sittin' on the front porch swing... drinkin' some sweet tea... when it hit us...

It's September. We leave in Feburary.

That's not very far away boys and girls... and the house is not in sellin' shape. Well.. it is now... but it wasn't then! For the last several days we've been bustin' our asses... hanging trim... fixing all the little things that need fixing... prettying up this and that here and there... new ceiling in the Kitchen.. new face on the custom built in bookshelves... New paneling in the basement... new door trim... fixing all the screens in the storm doors.... Lots of little stuff, with some big stuff thrown in for good measure.

It all paid off though... as we had a couple real estate agents come by to see the place and they gave us some very very good news... I mean... Its very realistic that we could pocket 50 grand on this deal. And thats with a lowball asking price for a quick sale! Subtract every dime we've spent on house payments... subtract every dime we've spent on maintenence and improvement, and we will still finish in the black. Unbelievable.

On top of all that work... yesterday we installed a new 40 gallon fishtank... which totally deserves it's own post... and the DrWho's new Beast... from which I now blog. I mentioned I was getting her a new laptop... but we scraped that idea and went for a Media Center desktop.

Did I mention it has 4 gigs of RAM?

I can play Half-life 2 and Doom 3 at the same time... and with this 19 inch flat panel monitor... They would look so pretty.

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