Thursday, September 22, 2005

Cultural Ignorance

The Far Left and the Far Right are similar. Doesn't that just sound so intelectual? Why I get a thoughtful buzz just typing it. I suppose it somehow links to the do-gooder notion that moderation is always best... see if that's the case, than it must be best to be somewhere in the middle politically.

This is of course... nonsense.

Bill stepped in it royally by quoting some moron over at the "Center For Cultural Learning" which is no doubt some post-modern attempt at an Ex-Republican Reform School. Over there we find these gems:

On 9/11: In short, both Far Left and Far Right were in essential agreement that the United States deserved such comeuppance and judgment; they simply disagreed over the transgressions that warranted such tragedy.

On The Founding Fathers: They formed a government unlike any in the history of the world, and they conducted an amazing political experiment that has been dramatically — one might wish to say, miraculously — successful.

On Christian America: And Christians here have not surrendered their allegiance to Jesus Christ when they maintain patriotism toward the United States.

Now... I am as far right as they come. You didn't see me saying the US got what it deserved on 9/11. Granted... I didn't shed a lot of tears... but come on... It's New York. When Montgomery gets bombed... then I'll be pissed. I've got no more in common with those yankee pricks than I do with the Arabs. My attitude is best described as wary indifference. I'm more worried about what the critters in DC will do to me because of 9/11 than I am about some drooling idiot who'd rather be off sodomizing a dromadari.

Saying that the far left and far right are the same requires that one ignore the stated goals of each. To simply state that each are anti-establish roughly tells 10% of the story.

The Far Left is... actually... the moderate left... is dedicated to the ideals of centralized power and big federal power.

The Far Right is dedicated to the ideals espoused in our Constitution... those of decentralized power, states rights, individual rights, and self-reliance.

While each are anti-establishment, one is demonstratably against the founder's vision, and one is quite obviously for it.

So what is patriotism? Is it loyalty to a flag? Or is it loyalty to ideals? The Founding Fathers were patriots. Not because they were loyal to any country. After all.. when they were fighting, this country didn't even exist yet. They were patriots because they were loyal to the ideals of freedom, independence, and self-reliance. That's the foundation of american patriotism.

Claiming the experiment was a success, while the core principles have been publicly shat on, isn't patriotic. It's assinine. Claiming that it isn't un-Christian, to blindly support a government that observable reality proves to be contradictory to Christian tradion, isn't patriotic. It's assinine.

And using the words of a few religious nutcases to paint the Far Right, so as to neatly fit your moderatation inspired ignoramous world-view, isn't clever.

It's Assinine.

And Mr Andrew Sandlin... Please... Pucker up and Kiss My Anti-Establishment Ass.

Christ was Anti-Establishment.

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