Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Jewish Lesbians and Other Glorious Stupids

The modern perception of religion among the "reform" types is so horribly twisted sometimes one can't help but laugh. Such was the case yesterday when I was surfin' around over at Vox's and encountered comments by one who proudly proclaimed herself a Jewish Lesbian, who apparently had been married by what she called a "reform rabbi".

Now those of you who've been around probably figure this is just an odd way to kick off bad joke wednesday... This has to be a shaggy dog.... right?


In this ignorant mind, Jews are more tolerant of homosexual activity than Christians. Jews. You know. The ones who live and die by the law. Homosexuals despise the old testament... and yet she goes out and chooses the religion the never got past it.

This relates well to the thinking often found in American Atheists. Its not at all that they don't like religion. It's that they don't like Christianity. Both believers and atheists are products of the Church. We like taking credit for the one, but don't like to be blamed for the other.

In the end, this person who was trying so hard to come across as rational, simply exposed herself to be anything but. She was desperate to prove that women were logical and clear thinking... but with every word and every paragraph she simply demonstrated the opposite.

This is what happens folks when women are let loose... When they lose male influence... You end up with Jewish Lesbians who are to inteligent to raise children.

Ask me again why I refuse to live in a city.

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