Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Unintentional Comedy

Few things entertain me like seeing a bunch of bureaucrats or government blowhards... Senators in this case... utterly obliterated by a higher intelect. Since apparently all the slugs in DC were busy yeterday, they called a lawyer and asked him to sub, and he handled the job quite well.

It may suprise you to learn that I watched the whole confirmation hearing yesterday, but watch it I did, often howling with laughter.

These blowhard, self-important, puffed up senators... who fancy themselves as the brightest of the bright... the enlightened few... simply were shown to be the total morons they are, by one man.

The process was a simple one, and it was simply repeated. Senator Moron spends 7 minutes pontificating on losely related topics then asks a simple questions designed to give John Roberts a little rope. Roberts, who has no notes, and no one helping him, gladly takes the rope. Another simple question is asked, and its intended to give Judge Roberts a little more rope... Roberts again, gladly takes the rope, and begins tieing a noose with it. The Senator is confident and happy now... He has Roberts right where he wants him... The last question comes in... If this, then this, then "HA! I've Got You! Then This and This and This! Right?"

And then Roberts simply says, "No." and explains graphicly why the Senator and his staff are wrong. He logicly illistrates his points, and backs them up with caselaw off the top of his head. In short, he takes the noose that he made from the rope that they gave him to hang himself, and he leaves them dangling from a tall tree.

Its highly amusing. The senators, after he answers are almost always so flumoxed that they are seen scrambling back to their papers to find something to read that will save their butts... and they always end up saying something that has nothing to do with Roberts answer.

This is a fun game kids, but it's not a game for the wee tots. IQ's 130 and above please, otherwise you, like the senators being humilated, are not going to be able to follow whats going on. Genius is not required, but you better bring some concentration, listening skills, reasoning skills, and basic logical thinking with you. Otherwise you're just going to see noise.

What did I learn yesterday?

Roberts is hiding more from Conservatives than he is from liberals. He obviously has contempt for Roe. But its not because of the conclusion so much as the language and the lack of logic in the writing. If you listened close, he, on at least two occasions specificly mocked the "emanations and penumbras". Once by name.

The senators missed it both times.

I believe the man would overturn Roe... but he'd replace it with a more logical explaination of privacy rights, baseing them not on any inferred meaning, but on the solid ground of Common Law.

He strikes me as a man who's more offended by poorly written decisions than the deaths of millions of unborn.

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