Thursday, September 01, 2005


I was never a boy scout... but I shoulda been.

I see what's goin' on in my beloved South and I am depressed. It really brings to light the differences in Urban and Rural. Plain truth is... those in the cities expect folks to do for them. Folks in the country expect to do for themselves.

yeah yeah... I know you can think of exceptions... You may even be one... There are slow kenyans out there too.. but that don't mean that the stereotype is wrong.

Another thing we've seen is how quickly a lack of leadership leads folks to turn into animals.

Today... I'm watchin' the news.. and I hear an account by a reporter... it goes something like this...

Cops stumble upon a car lot.
People are trying to break into the cars, to steal them.
Cops shoot it out with the people.
Cops then "commandeer" the cars for themselves.

So... when regular folks who need a way out of town are taking a car, its stealing. When cops need a car, it's "commandeering". Gotcha. And I'm real sure those cops just happened to stumble onto that lot too. They were probly just pissed becaue the folks were taking the nicer cars.

I don't give a rats butt what Bush says. There is a difference between taking food and water, and stealing a plasma tv dammit. The attitude of authority figures on this matter speaks volumns. You don't have the authority to save or protect yourself. That's their job.

As I've watched this all unfold... I've found myself totally without sympathy for the people down there. They're acting like animals. They're acting like its our job to save them. They are resentful, disrespectful, and down right pissed off that we aren't saving them fast enough. I've seen not one single moment of gratitude.

Piss on New Orleans.

No wait... looks like New Orleans already pissed on itself.

I will miss Preservation Hall though...

On a different front; Gas is gonna be expensive as hell boys. They are already limiting truckers to 50 gallons per stop in KY. I heard reports of stations being out of gas in TN... GA... OH... Not good boys.

Ain't it funny...

When anything else sells out really really fast... the conclusion is that the price was to low.

When gas stations raise their prices, but still sell out... we say it's "price gouging".

But that's a post for another time. For now.. I suggest you check the bug out bag... clean the guns... check your ammo... Gas up if you haven't already.

How well do you think the country would handle a terrorist strike right about now?

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