Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Whatsit Pokes Out Its Head

I did a double take during a news broadcast this morning.

There I was... Talkin' with Jeb... givin' Eli a bottle... Fox News was on, but it was just background noise. I wasn't paying attention.

Then I heard it...

I don't know what made me start paying attention... maybe its the fact that the more I see Dubya, the more he looks like Darth Vader himself.

Anyway... Lord Vader was having a Huricane briefing... with his military advisors... and if that's not creepy enough... right in the middle of it... in a moment of blunt honesty... he asks this question:

"Exactly how bad does a disaster have to be, before the Department of Defense takes becomes the lead agency?"

I shit you not. I put the baby down... went and got the .40 and strapped it to hip right then and there.

You think that's not a big deal? You think that question doesn't mean anything?

He's asking what has to happen for him to declare martial law people. Believe me when I tell you... The Whatsit is looking for information. The Whatsit wants rid of the seperation of powers once and for all.

So... Just what do I have to do to enslave the whole damned population?

Go Time Approaches my friends. The writing is on the wall. You that still believe the Republicans give a rats ass about you or your individual rights better wake up. The Democrats may kill with paralyzed in-action in a bad situation. Republicans will actively kill you. They will evict you, disarm you, stick you on a bus and ship you God knows where.

All for your own good.

Tell me Billy Boy... How ya explain that away? How do you reconcile the question Bush asked with your limited government beliefs?

Katrina's most important victim will be Posse Comatatis.

I stongly suggest you begin networking my friends. Who do you know that thinks like you? Who is prepared, and who will be dead weight? How's your BoB? Do you know your escape routes? Did you plan on the Feds blockading the backroads? Contingency plans?

Time to brainstorm people.

Time to prepare... because before to long... It will be time to go.

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