Monday, June 28, 2004

7 Years

Well... Today is our 7 year anniversary. Can you believe the poor girl has put up with me for that long? I figger this is as good a time as any to tell y'all the weddin' story.

We're probably better off if I just list some of the things that went wrong:

1) Julie's Mom refused to come to the wedding. She eventually changed her mind and showed up, but tensions were so high that the groomsmen were instructed to escort her out of the Church if she made even the slightest peep.

2) The day before the wedding, the photographer cancelled. He was sick. Julie ended up having her college chemistry professor come down and take the photos. He was an amateur, but the pictures were just awesome, and well... Pretty much free.

3) Josh, the Most Bestest Man, was supposed to take me to the hotel on the way to the church so we could drop off our luggage. He did so... but his car broke down and wouldn't start at the hotel. Had to get it jumped. I was so late, I was greeting the first guests wearin' a T-shirt and shorts.

4) The tuxes arrived late. They showed up about 10 minutes before the wedding.

5) Julie's Dad was carrying... so of course... we figured we better be carryin' too.

6) The moron played the wrong music. He played... "here comes the bride." As opposed to Wagner's Wedding March. *** FUME ***

But hey.. all in all.. it worked out. We got hitched, and headed off to the Bahamas for a few days. And hey... I have one favorite memory...

When all of us male types were rushing to get the tuxes on... well.. it was me and my redneck family and my redneck friends... and julie's poor dad. He sat there with this shocked look on his face while we all smacked each other on the butt and claimed to be the prettiest.

He later told Julie: "Nathan's a good man, he was just raised rough." Amen Brother.

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