Sunday, June 13, 2004

The Greatest Albums of All Time

When ever you tackle something like this, you first better define the word great. Greatness is about effect, and influence. A great album changes music, or changes people. You will find both types on this list.

First Rock and Roll... In no particular order...

Rush - Moving Pictures: This album has two of the top-5 most requested rock songs of all times according to the radio industry; Tom Sawyer, and Limelight. Throw in YYZ which won a grammy for best insturmental, and you understand why this album is here.

Pearl Jam - Ten: Curt Cobain may have been the face of grunge, but Nirvana didn't change the world. That was done by Pearl Jam. When everyone else in the Grunge movement was depressed and wallowing in self-pity, Pearly Jam shouted defiantly, "I'm Still Alive!" Oh, they whined as much as the other bands of the day, but they had that extra-bit that the others lacked. They had hope. When it was all said and done, Pearl Jam's first album whiped the slate clean in Rock and Roll, and everything that came after them was affected.

Led Zeplin - ZoSo: You could make an arguement for so many Zeplin albums. But here, you have what would amount to a Greatest Hits album.. except... it wasn't. It just so happens that practically every song on the thing was destined to go down in Rock and Roll History. Stairway to Heaven was enough to get the album on this list alone, but when you consider the rest.. Black Dog, Rock and Roll.... It's just over the top. They don't make 'em like this anymore boys.

Pink Floyd - The Wall: Another Brick in the Wall. Comfortably Numb. Enough said.

Van Halen - Van Halen: Cry all you want. This album changed the world. From the day it was released guitar playing was rocked to the core, and it has never looked back. Hate Eddie Van Halen, or love him, his impact is simply undeniable.

Creed - My Own Prison: Sick of Creed? You know why? Because everyone is trying to be them. That's what greatness is. It's releasing 7 number one singles in a row. It's about single handedly bringing back spirituality to Rock. Back when NIN was breaking big, Creed was kicking people's teeth in at clubs in Florida. No one played old school, simple, guitar based rock anymore. Now? Where's Trent Reznor? He's at home, and every band on the radio is trying to be Creed.

Metallica - And Justice For All: Like Rush and Zeplin, you could argue for days about which was the bands greatest album. There is little doubt in my mind though, that Justice was the apex of Metallica. It was Metallica in their purest form, all drums and guitar. Got no radio play when it was released... But it sure as hell does now. That's greatness.

Eagles - Hotel California: I don't think this needs an explaination.

Beatles - The White Album: I don't think this does either.

Credence - Green River: Everything the Eagles wished they were... and a little more.

Elvis - 1956: This isn't up for debate. Hound Dog, Don't Be Cruel, Love me Tender. Give it up. Rock and Roll was born.

I'm sure I left some awesome albums out... but I had to stop somewhere... I could've done this all night.

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