Thursday, June 03, 2004

So what do ya want to do?

That's a big question. One that most of us never really put a lot of thought into until it's already to late to do most of the stuff on the list. Here's my list...

- Ride a motorcycle offroad, all the way across the US
- Go horseback riding at dawn by the Pyrimids
- Stand in the Gap that ruined Xerxes
- Take the big bike up to the Alaskan Highway
- Take the family to Daytona in an RV
- African Safari
- Mountain Hunting in Mexico
- Bear Hunting in Alaska
- Moose Hunting in Canada
- Pilot a trans-atlantic trip on a ship
- Take Jeb to see the DrumCorp International Finals
- Take Jeb to see the Titans play at the Coliseum
- Run in a local election
- Drink a beer with Vox, Resispa, Bill, Jamie and the boys.
- Subadive
- Travel from Nashville to New Orleans by river.

I guess that's enough for now.

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