Thursday, June 17, 2004

I hate reporters

I hate anyone who seeks out a job that rewards them for making other people say something un-PC. I particularly hate reporters who then climb into their holier-than-thou chairs and wring their hands and talk about how terrible what was said is.

The main motivation for my hate, is their motivation. If it were just ratings it wouldn't be so bad... greed is greed. It's not though. They seek these moments out because of their own insecurities. They need these moments. The need them to make themselves feel enlightened. They need them so they can tell themselves that they are smarter than the atheletes they cover.

Face the facts boys. You weren't good enough to make it in your chosen sport, so instead of playing, you write, and to make up for that, you try to make yourself appear more enlightened than the guys who were better than you.

In the end though... you just look like pricks.

UPDATE: I thought I would list some of the incidents of recent history that triggered this:
Connie Chung was talkin' to Bob Knight about being blown-out. He said, "You know Connie, its kinda like being raped. If you know its unavoidable, you may as well lay back and enjoy it."

That's my all time favorite "holy shit" quote.

The most recent broo-haha has been over Larry Bird speaking the truth. We need more white stars in the NBA.

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