Saturday, June 12, 2004

Save a Horse...

So lastnight Julie and I went to this highbrow dinner at this fancy hotel. Hotel Morgan they call it. Not my kinda deal, but I enjoy it a little, on account of me and Jeb get to put on our boots and big belt buckles and go laugh at the other guys who are trying to not look uncomfortable in their silly little suits.

Anyway, you can imagine. Everyone's prettied up and I show up wearin' a cowboy hat, battleflag belt buckle, western shirt, and blue jeans. Just as well though, cause me and Jeb spent most of the time out on the balcony talking to the old fart who used to own the hotel. We just bullshitted the night away, watchin' jeb through rocks and splash in puddles. Not a bad deal when you consider the Corona was free.

Anyway... I dropped Julie and Jeb off at the house and then went to the grocery for some stuff. On my way out... these two cute little 20-something blondes saw me. I tipped my hat to one and said, "Howdy darlin'".

They smiled and walked on by gigglin'... Then I heard one say to the other...

"Save a horse... Ride a cowboy!"

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