Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I miss football

I'm dyin' here. Everywhere I look... Baseball.. Golf... Soccer... Shoot me now.

There just ain't nothin' like football in the South. I know, the girls in the Big 11 think they like football but it ain't religion up there. Down here, preachers quote General Neyland and the Bear during the sermons. In any town with less than 20,000 people, the highschool football coach is the most powerful man around.

I've sung Rocky Top in Knoxville. I watched UT play Bama in Tusculusa, when the town was so fired up, they suspended the open container laws for the day! I've watched High School games that had more people in the stands than major north eastern univeristies draw.

I love everything about football in the South. Gettin' up on saturday morning... the smell in the air... If you're in Knoxville, you may fire up the boat, and head down to join the Volunteer Navy. Or maybe you're from Nashville... but it don't matter, because you arrived in your RV on Tuesday to make sure you got a good spot, and had time to get rev'd up for the game. That's not an exajuration by the way. They really do start rollin' in on Tuesday.

For now though... I'm without... So I follow every practice report I can. The Titans are gonna rock-and-roll, but that ain't news. They are, after all, the Titans. The Vols are young at QB, but that don't matter. Fulmer's been squawkin' about smashmouth football and on Rocky Top, that is music to our ears. A return to the good ole' days, when UT's offensive linemen used to tell the defenders across them what play they were fixin' to run, just because they knew they were still to damned big and strong to be stopped.

Times a comin' boys. Before long we're gonna be strappin' it up! BOO YAA!!!

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