Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Wife 101:

There are women in the world who are raised to be slave drivers. They are not happy unless their husband spends every waking minute working on something. If he's not at work, he's working on some chore around the house. If he's watching a game, she's gonna be unhappy. If he's out on a motorcycle, she's unhappy. If you recognize this in yourself, then you need to fight that, because this is the single fastest way to make your husband hate you. I've seen women kill men this way. The guy will be 80% done with some enormous task.. like say.. remodeling an entire bathroom by himself. At this point he's starting to be proud of what he's done and he's looking forward to some job satisfaction, and some time to play. Right then the wife comes in, see's he's about done, issues a tolken compliment... then immediately begins talking about next he can finish the entire attic, and turn it into their new luxury bedroom suite.

So if you are like this, why? Most of the time women feel this way because they are doing dishes or laundry, and they see their husband sitting on his butt. They get angry because it's not fair and start finding him work to do too. Typically, they never see the work that he's just finished doing, or they take it for granted.

Suggestions: Ok so let's say you know that you get this way sometimes, and you don't want to be that way. What can you do? Here are some basics.

1) First of all, try to let your husband finish a big project before you start dreaming up something else for him to do. If your husband starts to think work only leads to more work, guess what he's gonna do?

2) Most importantly, find something that your husband enjoys to do, that you also enjoy, or that you can learn to enjoy, and for God's sake, do it! Go shooting. Watch the race with him. Watch the game with him. Anything. Whatever. Just do it.

Now... I avoided this all together by wisely NOT marrying a slave driver. If your husband was not so wise... help him out. Otherwise, I promise you, he'll eventually figure out the game, and then you'll lose. He'll simply stop buying tools. He'll stop working totally around the house, and then what will you do?

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