Sunday, June 20, 2004

Favorite Guns

What better topic for Father's Day eh boys? I guess we could talk reloadin' too! Anyway, I can't tell you much about my favorite guns. It's been my experience that men develope a love for individual guns themselves, not just the design. So we're really talkin' about a couple different things. For me, my favorite gun is my Taurus PT-101. I love that gun like a man loves a woman who don't complain. Why? Well.. mostly because, it's never failed, and the bullets go where I expect them to. It's my gun. I know every millimeter of it. I know what ammunition gets great velocity, and I know what ammo is the most accurate. Most of all, I know that if the bad man showed up, that gun would stop him. No question.

But guns are tools. Each has a differnt purpose. I love my savage 99 for example. It's short, flies up, and sites faster than any gun has a right to. But would I take that 99 to Africa? Nope.

What about wheel guns? You won't find two people who differ more on this topic than Bill and I. I hate Ruger wheel-guns. I find them Over-priced and featureless. The best wheel-guns in the world are made by Taurus. You get custom features, and custom accuracy, for 75% of the price of a plain Ruger. Bah.

As for long guns... Right now Savage is on the verge of taking over the world. The new trigger system is un-frickin' believable. You can adjust the pull-weight down to less than 2 pounds, without a gunsmith. And... Like their website says, "Actions speak louder than Words."

Ahh.. but scatter-guns? How do you go wrong with an over-under? They are all gorgeous. Berretta.. HK... Ruger... Browning.. and those aren't even the nice ones! For around the house, you can't beat a Winchester Defender. That's what's by my bed. I would love to have that mossberg coastguard edition though.. badass.

And what about duty weapons? AR-10, FN-FAL, AR-15... The HK's... To many awesome guns to list..

These are fine days... But to tell a secret... lately I've been lusting more and more for the Walther P99, or the Springfield XD.

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