Friday, June 04, 2004

Double Standards

Let me get this straight... If you piss and moan about someone smoking, that's ok. Smoking is bad for them, and its offensive to non-smokers. However, if I piss and moan about some morbidly obese creature delaying my elevator ride, and stinking to high heaven, both of which offend me, I'm a jerk?

What's the difference? Someone decided fat people are victims and smokers are the devil. Well ya know what? Someone can kiss my white ass. If you get to whine about smoking becuase it "stinks" then I get to whine about fat people, because they damned sure stink worse.

If a smoker chooses to smoke, the a fat ass chooses to stuff his face.

I didn't say anything that a million other people haven't wanted to say a million different times, I just have the balls to say it. I suggested the woman could benefit from walkin' down a flight of stairs. She got offended, then lied to me. I called her on her lie.

Call it mean, cruel, heartless, uncarring or evil, but most of all... Call Richard Simmons cause I don't give a damn.

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