Sunday, June 13, 2004

The Department of Homeland Stupidity

So now that we've provide airline customers with 3 years of aversion therapy in the form on bullshit security messures, things suddenly become a little more clear. The media is clamouring to shower praise on the new "registered traveler" plan. You'd expect as much from such bootlickers.

Let's see... Pay a fee, and submit to an "intense" background search, or subject yourself to humiliating searches, illegal siezures, long lines, and idiot security workers. Our freedom loving government has come up with an excellent means of spying on its citizens. Far more ingenious than the Nazi tactics.

Mark my words, once this is fully implemented, the horror stories from the security gates will come flooding in. And why shouldn't they? The sheep will have no sympathy for anyone who complains because they must have something to hide. Otherwise they would've submitted to a background check.

So... In one tidy little package we get a new tax, and an excellent way to get out citizens to volunteer for background checks. Classic.

A people always end up with the government that they deserve. Truely, we are a nation of cowards and sloths.

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