Thursday, June 10, 2004


I despise all aspects of society that have no foundation beyond what someone said. Sociology, Psycology, Law... It's all crap. It all comes down to, "John said X, and it made sense. So it's now fact." It's all just subjective crap. Crap I say! It's no more objective than poetry!

In psychology it manifests itself as the worship of Freud and Jung. Freud and Jung didn't prove anything. They just made compelling arguements. In other words... what they said sounded good to someone. People pass and fail classes, based on how well they regurgitate what so-and-so said. None of which is provable or even demostratable on a large scale.

The Law is the worst though. It's not enough for a judge to say what he thinks. He has to look around and find out where someone else said something similar. One wonders how James Madison ever decided anything! THe law doesn't mean what the words say. It means what a judge says the words say. That boys and girls undoes all that we gained with written law in the first place, and puts us back in the Dark Ages.

Psychology is the Bastard of Science. Sociology is nothing more than the study of the liberal world view. And Law...

Every law school in America should be burned to the ground.

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