Saturday, June 12, 2004

A Religion of Peace

What a bunch of crap that is. Muhammad was a war lord for crying out loud. I'm sure he was conserned about peace when he conquered Mecca. Today, during a discussion about the so called "War on Terror" one of my friends made a completely ludicrous statement. Maybe the most idiotic statement I've heard to date on the topic. He said that if we are at war with a religion we must kill all American Citizens of that religion, because you can't be at war with just part of them.

What silliness! He even went on to argue that Islam is not a nation state, and therefore we can't be at war with it.

In fact, Islam for all intents IS a nation state. It's head is Saudi Arabia. Iran, Syria, and Egypt are all parts of it. Like Texas, Arizona, and Ohio are parts of the US. These countries act in unison and take orders from Saudi.

Twice before Christianity has pounded Islam back into it's litter box.

This is the Third Great Expansion, and it must be followed by the Third Great Islamic Defeat.

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