Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Get a Maid

Julie and I give a woman 50 bucks a pop to come clean our house. She shows up ever couple weeks. So... for 100 buck per month, we get a clean house, and all I have to do is dishes, laundry, and clutter. I ain't scrubbin' floors or anything like that. I can tell ya, this is a big stress saver. Julie can't stand a dirty house, and frankly I have to much going on to clean it to her expectations. Hey... I have a boy to raise.

Now... I'm not advocating those maid service things. The first time the come out, it will be spotless, but after that they do less and less, until eventually you can barely tell they've come.

Either way, you've got better things to do with your time than clean house, and seriously... if you can't budget in 50 bucks every two weeks... you gots some issues.

Hell... The Texas contingent can probly get a little senorita for half that!

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