Monday, November 01, 2004

Can We Fix It?

One of Jeb's most favorite toys is his dancin' Tigger. I'm sure you've seen it. When the paw is squeezed it sings and dances about. He dearly loves the thing.

Of course... like so many toys... It's just obnoxious. Consequently it spends a lot of time turned off. Well the other day Jeb comes carrying Tigger into the living room, plops him up on the couch, and squeezes his paw.


Understand that play to Jeb greatly resembles work. The boy is dead serious when he plays. He's very very focused. Anyway, he tried the paw a couple more times.... glared intently at Tigger... and then ran out of the room.

Julie and I just figured he was off to play with something else. Wrong.

We heard some rustling in the kitchen... and suddenly here comes Jeb trottin' back with a screw driver he'd just pilfered out of one of our cabinets. He turns Tigger over and starts working the screw driver on Tiggers feet.

See... Tigger was broken... You fix broken things by turning screw drivers...

Anyway... somehow the screwdriver must've hit the on/off switch... Because after some more twisting and turning, Jeb finally tried Tigger's paw again... and this time it worked!

I don't know that anyone's face has ever lit up like that boy's did right then...

Ain't nuthin' like youngin' y'all. That's a fact.

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