Sunday, November 14, 2004

Why me?

I swear... if my wife's family get's any crazier...

Don't get me wrong... I love them. They're good people... But man... if they don't fall in for every Christian Fad that comes down the pike, I ain't a redneck.

So here's the latest... Now some of them have decided that they only want to celebrate "Biblical Holidays". Of course... Biblical Holidays actually means "Jewish Holidays". After all, God didn't command any one to celebrate anything in the New Testament. As Paul wrote, we were free to celebrate what we wish, when we wish.

We as Christians... obviously tend to focus out holidays on important events in the life of Christ. His birth, His death, and His Resurrection.

Now how does a Christian honor Christ by celebrating a military victory which took place 160 years before he was born (Chanukka), instead of celebrating the miracle of His birth?

Are we quibbling over dates again? Is that it?

When I see these little movements, I always think to myself... Self... These must be some fine Christians. Anyone who has this whole thing so figured out... anyone who has done, and is doing so much work for God, that they have worked their way down to something so trivial as this... They must truely be working miracles.

Once you've fed all the hungry... Once you've helped all the needy and the sick... Once your house is in such fine order that it is a becon to all the World... then I can see devoting time and energy to picking such a nit as this...

Until then... We have real work to do.

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