Monday, November 29, 2004


There is a nasty rumor floatin' around, not unlike an air-biscuit, that I once cut a ride short to go play pictionary with a chick.

This doesn't even warrant denying. It's better to just nip this crap in the bud right now.

The thing to remember, is this blog, and those of Digger and JAC are very much like a huntin' camp. It's survival of the fittest.

Now that they have their own blogs, I'm sure you'll see us ripping each other to shreds from time to time, all for the amusement of ourselves and others.

What's relevant here is JAC's favorite tactic... The man himself once looked at me and said, "when it comes to joustin' like this... It don't matter if it's true, so long as it's timely and good. If folks want to believe it, they will, and that's good enough."

See... Ya wanted to believe that I was off playin pictionary like some sissy. Didn't even wait to see if I'd respond, or deny it.

Shame on ya.

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