Friday, November 19, 2004

Wheel Gun Questions!!!

BoysMom comments:
How many rounds should a revolver hold if it will be my only carry weapon? I'm eyeballing a couple of the Taurus revolvers, (my uncle has one) because they actually fit in my hands. But they hold five rounds. Is that enough? I have tiny hands (A 9mm Baretta, standard Army issue, is too big) and am usually packing a 25 lb. 7 month old, and hauling a toddler as well, so I really want to get something I could hold in one hand if I have to.I don't mind doing a bit of work to take care of whatever I end up choosing, though. Does anybody have any other suggestions? Also holster suggestions?I'm in Idaho, so I'm not worried about being able to get a permit.

Thanks for the question. Nothin' like a good excuse to talk guns.

So lets get to it. First things first... I don't think you should be conserned with how many rounds the gun holds. They are gonna hold enough to get you out of trouble. That's what's important. Depending on the caliber they'll hold 5 to 7.

The questions are pretty simple really. Are you sure you want a wheelgun? (that's what we rednecks call revolvers) If you are, then I strongly recommend a nice snubby .357, like the Taurus Total Titanium. It's very very light, and has grips that go a long long way towards making the shooting experience enjoyable. Firing any snubby .357 is an event. Don't get me wrong. But these grips take the sting out of it.

The great thing about .357's is, you can shoot .38special ammo out of them. That ammo has much less powder, and therefore is much easier to shoot with. You can practice with the .38 ammo, and load the .357's when you carry.

As for carrying.. Coranodo Leather. They make purses specifically designed for carrying. They are made out of some of the best leather you will ever see. Honestly, women who have no idea you have a gun in there, will be gawking at your beautiful purse. I've witnessed this.

God Bless. I hope this helps.


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