Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Truck Shoppin'

So... we're buyin a new truck...

We've pretty well got it narrowed down to three... Nissan Armada, GMC Yukon, Toyota Sequoia.

Right now it looks like the Yukon LT is in the lead... The Armada and the Sequoia are battling out for second. I really don't like the Toyota. I'm thinkin' it's underpowered compared to the other trucks... not to mention over-priced... The Armada is puttin' out 400 foot-pounds of torque... So well... you can imagine that there is a soft spot in my heart for a motor like that... DrWho loves OnStar though... and ya can't get OnStar on an Armada... dammit...

We've decided that we have to have a DVD, either OnStar or a Navigation System, and second row captians chairs...

For now the gas milage and OnStar of the Yukon give it the edge over the power and cool factor of the Armada. We'll keep ya posted... and I may even post a picture or two.


So.. tonight we drove a Sequoia and the Yukon.

Sequoia: Julie loved it. Loved the smooth as silk ride. Drove like a car. I hated it. It's build like a straw house. It has a shitty little frame that looks about sufficient for a go-cart. You have to take the skid plate off just to get to the oil filter. It's underpowered. It strikes me as a big minivan.

Yukon: Julie didn't like it. I'm stunned by this. I thought it rode very smoothly, she thought it sucked. The power delivery is very good. The truck is solid as a rock. The frame is huge with huge cross members. All the mechanicals are easy to reach. It doesn't have a distributor at all. It has a wired in Jump-Point so you don't have to worry about frying the computer chip or screwing up your batter if you should have to jump it. It's little things like that which impress me. The truck is very very well thought out. Now if you are the kind of guy who never pops the hood (pussy) the Sequoia may be for you.

Well... Here's hoping the Armada turns out to be the best of both.

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