Saturday, November 20, 2004


Gregg Comments: What if you had a brother, that was retarded? And the law had acusswd hum of somthing you new he was not capable of doing. What would you do? Other than hire the best damn lwyer around. Any thing come to mind?

I've mentioned before that my wife and I have plans. Everyone has a line, and we've spent some time talking about our line. Sometimes you fight. Sometimes you run.

Now... Let's talk about the specifics. So much of this depends on what the charges are, and what I know about my brother. I mean... are we talking about... someone writing a speeding ticket to someone who can't drive?

Is my brother in my personal care? can he take care of himself? All these things come in to play.

But.. Worst case scenario... Let's say there is a real possibility of jail time, and you have definitive proof that your brother didn't do it, but you fear a corrupt judge or jury.

You get your brother the hell away. You leave. Nothing here worth risking your brother for. You make a plan, and you follow it. The legal process is both slow and lenient in the begining. You need hours to cross the border. You should have days, if not weeks.

I am advocating breaking the law. Because at some point, the stakes become to high to trust a corrupt system to get it right.

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