Monday, November 22, 2004

The He Needed Killin' Defense

There comes a time in ever community when it has to make a choice between peace, and the Law. What are it's priorities?

Let me pose a scenario.

A known troublemaker, drug dealer, and all around thug kills a kid. Everyone knows he killed the kid, but they can't prove it in court. Think OJ. The killer walks.

The father of the victim, then shoots the accused in the face, walks over to the sherriff's office, hands them the gun, and says, "I shot the bastard. He had it comin'."

The father is a family man, with roots in the community that go back decades. He has no prior criminal record. In fact, he is a model citizen.

The Law says he committed murder. I say... Justifiable killin'.

This is the "He Needin' Killin' " defense. It says, Yes I killed him, but killing him wasn't murder.

Of course the lawyers scoff at this. You can't take the law into your own hands! Of course not, because that would be taking it out of theirs! Citizens can't be trusted with matters as grave as this! Why it's up to the State! It's up to the hand picked brown nosed bureaucrats! Only they are competant to decide such matters!

They decide who is prosecuted. They decide what laws are enforced and what laws are ignored.

Vigilante Justice is a direct assault, not only on criminals, but on the Seat of Power.

The Justice System is broken beyond repair. Put your faith in it at your own peril. As it continues to show itself corrupt, so shall we continue to ignore it in ever increasing number.

Here's to you Bernie.

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