Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Polar Express

Some day I'll learn to stop underestimating my son.

See... Jeb is going through his Train phaze. Though I suppose it's not really right to call it a phaze, since he may never out grow it. Most males don't. Anyway... given his fascination... we thought it'd be a good time to take him to his first movie.

We had a blast. The boy was mystified from the very begining. He was sitting up and pointing and talking to the screen for practically the whole 2 hours. When he wasn't, he was feeding his mommy popcorn!

We were pretty suprised at how well he did... I mean... 2 hours is an eternity for a 2-year-old... As usual we prepare for the worst, for no reason at all.

The movie itself is good, but not great. It would've been better if it was live-action and not animated. The animation was a distraction. It was so good, that the minor mistakes were very noticable.

Anyway... if you've got a little boy who's into trains, I stongly suggest you take him to see it. The train is definately the star of the show, and its on the screen most of the movie.

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