Sunday, November 14, 2004

Fulfilling the Law

Christ did not abolish the Law. He fulfilled it.

I hear this all the time, almost universally from women. Can someone tell me what this means? How does one fulfill a law? Laws are obeyed. Prophecies are fulfilled.

The Jews were commanded to follow 617 laws. In doing so, they retained their salvation.

Do we still need to follow these laws?

The answer of course is no. Our salvation is not based on following these specific laws. It's through our Faith in Christ and His sacrifice for us.

Before Christ... yes.

After Christ... No.

I don't know what that catchy little phrase means... However, of one thing I am certain... To many people, if it sounds good that's good enough. That phrase sounds good.

I doubt seriously that they've ever even stopped to think about it.

With Christ came a new deal. A new deal totally unrelated to the old deal. So radically different, that many rejected it as lunacy, and clung to the old deal and its perceived security.

If by "fulfilled" you mean "Rendered Irrelevant", then I agree. By that definition, Christ clearly "fulfilled" those 617 laws.

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