Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Like a Bear Foaming at the Mouth

Well... this is certainly comforting. Won the arms race did we? Perhaps someone let off the gas to soon says I. Now don't go misreadin' this though. I'm still far more scared of our own government than I am of some Red Commie freak lobbin' nukes at us, or some nutcase raghead blowing his internals up on a bus.

Call me naive but I don't use public trasportation, I don't frequent populated areas, and I don't think the Red Commies like the idea of the US nuking them in return.

And besides... it seems to me if you see a raghead walking around glassy-eyed with a coat on in the summer time... and his torso is disproportionately bloated with respect to the rest of his body... ya shoot him... and ya walk away with a clear conscience figgerin' it was self-defense.

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