Sunday, November 14, 2004

Hate Crimes

Here's a shocker.

Now seriously... if you're suprised at all by this, you need to just go ahead and hang an "I don't pay attention" sign around your neck. Let's be clear on something. If rednecks were so appauled by homosexuals that they were inclined to kill them, it wouldn't just happen once or twice people.

This just in: Rednecks think alike. These boys were just plain old scumbacks looking for some cash, so they picked out a mark, and got some.

Unfortunately for them, they picked what the media has deemed the most sacred of sacred minorities... the homosexual.

If them two boys just beat some old white woman to death for her money, none of us would've heard anything about it.

But hey... Killing an old white woman for her money isn't nearly as bad as killing a homosexual for hitting on you.

Some lives are just worth more than others.

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