Friday, November 19, 2004

Out-of-the-Box Accuracy

"Only Accurate Weapons Are Interesting"- John Browning

Gregg comments: What do you guys do, go out and buy a gun, put a scope on it buy factory amunition and expect it to shoot worth a damn?


That's exactly what we do. We expect all of our weapons to be tack-drivers out of the box. Consequently, we only buy weapons made by Winchester (Pre-64 thank you), Browning, Weatherby, Cooper, Savage, and the occasional proven varient from some other off-brand manufacturer like Remington. Who am I kidding? You'd never find a piece of shit Remington in my safe... or JAC's. WellDigger is more flexible. Or at least quieter.

So. What is acceptable accuracy for a new gun?

All rifles must function at 1 minute of angle accuracy. That is to say, 1 inch per hundred yards. At 100 yards you shoot a 1 inch group, 2 inches at 200, and so on. That is a bare minimum, and something we would be very disappointed with, but would view as an acceptable starting point.

I don't want to hear any crap about this being impossible, as I have a Savage 99 (Lever Action) that surpasses that standard quite handily. In fact, at a 100 yards, it shoots groups are way under an inch. Thats total group size. Not distance from center as the sissies over at the magazines do it.

We do not tune guns to shoot to 1 minute of angle. We start at 1 minute of angle, and tune them fractions of that.

JAC's Winchester Model 70 (with the BOSS) is a smoking hot .270 that is, quite possibly, the most accurate weapon I've ever fired.

I can hear you now... "But Nate! What if the gun you buy does perform that way?"

I'd take the damned thing back. I'd go on a crusade against the manufacturer of such a useless piece of crap. Though, this is highly unlikely as I only buy proven weapons. I never skimp. I'll buy the best gun the manufacturer makes in the caliber I want. I will however, buy the occasional project gun, just for fun. I have a 10/22 for example that I tuned up. In those cases all rules go out the window.

Ok.. but surely I understand that certain types of weapons are more accurate than others. Well of course I do. That doesn't mean I lower my standards though. I don't have too. That's why God invented the these. If you're looking for an inexpensive duty rifle, then I suggest an FN-FAL (do your research).

Everyone's standards are different. No question, that ours are extreme. Then again, we can shoot. All of us. If you go to the range with us, you're liable to find us with our laptops, chronographs, and calipers. We'll be taking data, calculating bullet drop, measuring muzzle velocity, and boasting like hung-over sailors just off leave.

As for Spacebunny's Question...

JACIII would take his .454 casull.
I would probably have to agree.... but I would take the Taurus Raging Bull over his ugly Ruger.

You can carry it. You can hunt with it. If you run out of ammo, you can beat some poor bastard to death with it. What more to you want?

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