Thursday, November 11, 2004

Jack Burton vs Ash

Vox has asserted that Jack Burton could take Ash. He reasons that the Ancient Chinese Divinities defeated by Burton were far more powerful than the Army of Darkness Ash fought.

Setting aside the profoundly flawed reasoning that applies the mathematical substitution and transitive properties to farcical combat, let's just examine the premise.

Jack did defeat Ancient Chinese Divinities... However, he did not do so alone. So.. aren't we comparing the accomplishments of Jack's Team to the accomplishments of Ash by himself?

Jack is a valiant fighter, but Ash is the most inventive and improvisationally gifted character in the history of cinema. He faced down the entire Army of Darkness... which while not necessarily immortal, certainly outnumbered the few Chinese Divinities.

If Jack were able to suprise Ash... you may have a close fight... with Ash eventually getting the upper hand and ending things with his chainsaw...

But given time to prepare? It wouldn't even be close. 1 on 1... Ash would make mince meat of Jack... and probably his whole team to boot.

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