Tuesday, November 02, 2004

No More.

You know... I was all fired up to kick around Bill's comments about tyranny and voting in America... But I ain't gonna do it. I've spent to much time already talking about this loathsome "election". Just because it's not rigged in the antiquated way of Saddam and Stalin doesn't mean it's not rigged. American's are smarter and more professional about such things. We shouldn't be surprised that the American Government uses more lubrication.

See... it's November... and it's sunny and 75 degrees outside. I just took Jeb to the park. I frankly have no desire to talk about this crap any more.

I didn't abstain to send a message. I didn't abstain our of laziness. I am not participating, because my participation would mean that I believed there was some level of legitimacy to the process. I do not, therefore I will not participate. My hypocrisy is not without bounds... Believe it or not...

I simply have better things to do people. Like for example... Takin' my son to the park.

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