Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Sales Pukes

Have I mentioned that I hate car shopping? I hate dealing with these moron "salesmen". I mean... How do you call yourself a salesmen, when you don't know squat about the products you sell?

Where the hell is Hank Hill? That's a salesman by God! If you have a question about propane or propane accessories, he knows the answer. Hell.. I know more about SUV's and their equipment, pricing, and financing at this point than any salesmen I've talked to. Allow me to demonstrate... off the top of my head...

GMAC is offer 1.9% on all 2004 trucks and SUVs for 72 months. They also are offering 1% at 60 months on the same vehicles. Additionally you get a 1000 bucks off if you finance through GMAC.

On 2004 you get a 4500.00 rebate... Unless you buy a diesel... then the rebates don't apply.

Option wise, you can't get a DVD and a sunrooff, unless you skip out on the side-impact curtain airbags. The Rearseat Entertainment Package (DVD, wireless headphones, rear controls, remote) only comes on vehicles that also have dual or tri-climate control.

You can get quadra-steer on all 2500's but not 1500's, unless you get a 05 1500HD, which just came out. You can also get a 05 Hybrid truck which gets 25mpg, but only if you live in Alaska, Oregon, California, or Florida.

Got all that?

I haven't even started on Ford or Nissan yet... Now tell me... if I can learn all this in a matter of days... How can a sales puke who's worked at one dealership for 6 weeks look at me and say... "The z-71... that means umm.. it comes with a bigger engine..."

No you moron. It has nothing to do with the engine. It's an off-road suspension package, and some skid plates..

I'm not frustrated or anything....

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