Friday, March 11, 2005


Ah! My friends another week is in the books... and that leaves but one thing undone... So where are we?

Let's see... "George Jones and Jesus", and "Beer's not just for breakfast anymore" are playin', along with a healthy dose of Jason Boland, and of course... Chris Ledoux.

Its bourbon and coke tonight.. Jim Beam Black for the mixer... maybe some Elijah Craig'll get poured in there too... after all.. EC is got might more kick.

St Patty's day is upon us... and while I'll have none of the stuff... I figured I'd drop the name of some Irish Whiskys if you were intersted...

Hehehe.. Had ya goin' there for while didn't I? Hehehe.. We at the BloggerBlaster don't support the makers of such. We find it vulgar, and low, and course.

I know you guys loved Makers and Woodford's... I'd be interested in hearing if any of you have tried anything new lately that maybe I should know about. American Whiskey only please.

And while we're on the topic of booze... A Box of Wine. Thoughts? Low Class? Or Best delivery method available?

So.. that tunes... booze... ahh... SMOKES!

Raise your hand if you roll your own! It won't suprise anyone to hear that JAC and I do... at least.. we do if we're smokin' cigarettes... which really ain't very often at all. WellDigger buys those nasty tar-filled things though... unbelievable.

I don't see myself rollin' tonight though. Nope.. I think it's a cigar night... hrmmm.... what to choose.. the humidor is full ya know. Maybe I'll update ya later.

So what's that leave??



I've found myself lusting for a Ruger Vaquero... well.. actually... two of them... in .45lc... with a lever gun in 45lc too! man that'd be fun!

Of course... any carbine in the same chamber as a handgun would be fun... you could even plink off some 9mm with a little keltec carbine! I love that gun.


It's gonna be a nice night boys. Y'all enjoy it.

Y'all take it from here.

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