Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Next Project

See... I have this 1981 Honda CM400c. So I'm thinkin' of customizing it. The lines on it are great I think... the seat just totally blows 'em though. it's just to big and bulky. I figure I'll fabricate up a custom seat pan... something that will carry the line of the tank down and through the frame.

Then I'll have to do something with those fenders... May remove them completely... or may get some blanks and start from there.

As far as other stuff goes.. I'll need to stretch her hind end out to put a decent rear tire on there... nothing insane... maybe a 170....

Other than that... I figure I'll coat the engine black... with polished up highlights... So it'll sorta match the wheels.

In the end... I think it'll be cooler than any BS custom chopper you go pay 30 grand for. Why? Well... because it'll be real. Choppers where bikes... that you bought, and chopped yourself. It was yours. You designed it. You fabricated it. Its your bike.

Of course... before I do all this... I have to get it runnin'... stupid intake is leakin' on me.... I've got the take off right now... and I'm about this close to just ripping the whole durn bike apart.

Ah well... it'll be fun one way or another. I mean... Its a $500 bike. If I totally ruin it... I'll still have learned somethin'.

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