Monday, March 14, 2005


You can't tell me this isn't a holiday. The Monday after Selection Sunday annually sees a measureable dip in production across the nation. Its the one day a year when almost ever male actually looks forward to going off to Cubical Hell.

It's a day deserving of a national holiday... but designating it as such would kill it. After all, the whole thing centers around filling out your bracket and talking about it with those with whom you work.

Wait.. it's occured to me... some of you may not know what I'm talkin' about... JamieR for example... NCAA Tournament brackets people... keep up.

So lets break it down shall we?

First of all... Washington getting a 1 seed is just pathetic. It's about as pathetic as Louisville getting a 4 seed. That section of the bracket is without question the easiest. It will come down to the Cardinals against Wake.... And it'll be a toss up. I'm going with Louisville.

The most intriguing braket is Duke's. Can Duke beat 'cuse? Yes. Will they? Probably. it's no lock. Will UK get out of the second round this year? They should. They have the talent to make a deep run. This bracket should come down to Duke and UK... in another toss up. On paper, UK is the better team. They have a serious edge at point with Rhondo.

UK's looked terrible the last 2 weeks.. and its been about 3 weeks since they've played really good ball... It's a toss up. If I seem to be ignoring Duke here.. it's because I honestly don't think their play will have any effect on the outcome. If UK plays good ball, they'll beat Duke, no matter what Duke does. If UK plays bad, they'll get beat, even if Duke plays bad too. In short... Duke cannot play as well as UK can... but they can't play as badly either.

The heart says UK... the head says UK... The back of my mind says UK is out in the second round... ***Sigh***

What about the other brackets?

Alabama and LSU will give Illinois fits, and as hard as it is to believe... Illinois will probably beat both of them.

And don't let anyone fool you about the last bracket. UNC is going to the Final 4.

So that's it then...

UNC, UL, Illinois, and UK/Duke.

That's all you're gettin' outta me. I decided to go with the Final Five this year.

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