Saturday, March 05, 2005

Pushup Death

I decided last week I needed a workout that I could do at home, during the day, while I was watchin' Jeb. By necessity these means no weights, and no machines...

What I came up with was the Pyramid of Doom.

1 push up. Stand up... rest 30 seconds or so... 2 push ups... stand up... rest 30 seconds or so... 3 push ups... stand up... rest 30 seconds or so.

I did this all the way to 12, and then back down.

The next day... everthing from my waist up hurt like it never had before. This was far more effective than anything I'd ever tried... I was a little suprised... until I thought about what I'd really done.

Do the math for yourself. That's a lot of freakin' pushups... and if you're thinkin it's alot... like 100 or so... you better think again. You're off by a whole lot more than a little bit. As soon as I mentioned the pattern I'm sure Zod, Astro, and JAC had numbers popping in their heads... and I'm also sure, that after they reached the big number at the end, their pecks started hurtin' in sympathy.

Its a good method, because you're resting enough to get your will back, and it doesn't occur to you how much you're really doing. Plus, it gets even harder when you're working to maintain good form, while a two-year-old is climbing all over you.

Hey! Those adjustments you make to prevent, or break his falls are almost as hard as the pushups!

I'll need to come up with something for lower body work... flexibility is more important to me for the moment... as least lowerbody flexibility is... So I spend time stretching for now, until I figure what I'm gonna do.

I'd like to add some sit-ups and even a pull-up pyramid... but for now.. I'll stick to Pushup Death.

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