Saturday, March 12, 2005


A few days ago, while they were searching him prior to entering the court room, the cops found a knife hidden is his shoe.

Yesterday... They brought him... un-handcuffed... into a courtroom, without a single male guard.

The closest guard to him was a tiny female... all of 5'3. It was no big deal for him to simply bitchslap her, take her gun and shoot her.

Now what about the other guards? These are trained professionals? He's untrained. What about them?

Well... they're dead. We don't know what happened for certain... but the most plausible explaination is... well... it's easily deduced.

You have cops that don't practice with their weapons nearly enough. You have a motivated, angry, testosterone filled criminal facing off with them, on his terms.

The worst part of this, will be the assumption that shackles would've prevented it. They might have. But everyone will gloss over the fact that there wasn't a male guard in the courtroom at the time.

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