Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Stupid Vegans

Few things get on my nerves like Vegans and Coffee House People. I suppose the worst think I can think of would be a damned yankee vegan sippin' a latte' in a star bucks somewhere. I've never met that guy... but if I did.. I can tell ya... somebody'd get his ass whooped.

Seriously.... How stupid do you got to be? Feel those sharp teeth in the corners of your mouth? We call those canines. Betcha can't guess what they're for!

And ummm... QUICK! Name a herbivore that has its eyes on the front of its head. Ya can't. You know why? Because predators have eyes on the front.

Of course.... this isn't to say that I don't get great amusment from the human herbivores. Esspecially you consider...

Do y'all know what Vitamin B-12 is, and where it comes from?

I could go into detail and explain exactly how it works... but all you really need to know is what happens when you don't get enough of it.

See... we all have a certain amount stored up in us.... and the more we are deprived of it, the more that amount gets depleted. Eventually... it will run out. If you've been a vegan ever since you stopped breast feeding... then chances are... you'll already have run out by the time you can read this... and considering what happens when you run out... well.. you'll likely never be able to read anyway.

See... B-12 deficency slowly but surely... makes you stupid. This is why you don't find conservative vegans. This is also why you don't find vegan dynamic engineers... or vegan radiologists. Those fields simply require to much brain power.

Another great source of amuzment is all the b-12 supplements out there... that are marketed toward vegans.

See... there is only one way to get b-12. It has to come from a critter. So, if there is b-12 in a pill, then a critter somewhere died for that pill.

So there are your choices. You can deprive yourself of all animal products... therefore getting no b-12, and damn yourself to a life of stupidity and frailty....


You can use your body as it was designed.

You're a predator. Act like it.

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