Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Next Upset?

Utah vs UK is a popular pick for the big upset. "Experts" seem to think that Utah's big man will have his way with UK's interior. "Experts" also had Syracuse or Wake Forest in the Final Four. Ignore them. UK is the deepest team in the tournament. They'll run three centers at Bogat... 2 that are over 7', and one that's just a 6'10 freshman phenom.

UK has to many fouls to give. Bogut is a great passer, and a great competitor, but one man can't beat 5, and he certainly can't beat the 12 that UK is gonna be using. UK's freshman point guard Rajon Rondo will dominate this game on the defensive end. I'm predicting 3 steals, 15 points, and 6 assists.

When it's all said and done... Utah will be a spot on the road.

And then... well... then the "Experts" will start talking about Duke, and how UK can't possibly beat them. You know... it's funny... Ever notice that no one on ESPN, or over at SI can ever see the obvious matchup problems Duke faces... unless they are talking about another ACC opponent causing them?

Fact is... Duke doesn't have an answer for Rondo any more than Utah did. Their guards got embarrassed by Mississippi State for cryin' out loud.

See... if you can't handle those guys... How are you gonna stand up to the kid that just set the all time single season record for steals at UK?

You ain't.

Final Four:

Illinois, UNC, Louisvlle, UK

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