Sunday, March 13, 2005


There is a great deal to be learned about modern law enforcement by examining the way they handle the high-profile cases. Peterson for example...

One might conclude that this is excellent police work... at least if you only look at the surface.

But was it?

What if Scott hadn't been an idiot? What if Scott hadn't reported her missing? Even knowing where to look, it took a month or so for the police to find the bodies. How would the police have even found out about it?

If Scott had just done the deed, and left.. He could've been halfway around the world before the police even classified it as a murder. Heck, until they found Lacy and Connor's bodies, they would have no reason to suspect Scott. They'd just have 3 missing persons. And how long would it have taken them to find the bodies? It took a month to find them as is, and that's with them knowing where to look!

Sure Lacy's parents would be calling to check on her, and after a day or so they'd go to the cops and report them missing... but umm... Ya think the cops are gonna move out an army to help? Yeah... you go to the cops and tell them your son and daughter-in-law have been missing for 3 days and see how much help you get. They don't give out Amber Alerts for whole families "missing". Fact is you'd have a hard time even convincing the cops that they weren't off in Vegas.

Plain truth is... Law enforcement in America, and in the world, is a joke. 90% or more of all the cases that come in get shoved in the "We Hope Someone Tells Us Who Did This" File. CSI may look good on tv... but the fact is, its BS. Its the lottery.

More often than not, the person who tells the cops who did it, is the guy who did it.

Boys... listen up... if you ever find yourself in a little room with a two-way mirror and a couple cops talkin' to ya... do yourself a favor.

Shut up.

Don't say a word. Don't ask for food or drink. Don't ask for a cigarette. Nothing. Offer no alibi for them to check out. Give them no place to start.

That shouldn't matter though... because if you do it right... you'll never find yourself in that room.

The plane truth is... there are thousands of murders committed every year, that never even get classified as a murder. They're just missing persons... cops munching on donuts... waiting on bodies to show up.

If Scott Peterson doesn't report Lacy missing...

He's sittin' on a beach in Mexico right now, with no threat of deportation. Because the Mexican government will not deport someone who's facing charges that could result in the death penalty, or life in prison.

Excellent Police work?

Nope. Blind luck.

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