Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A Parable of Faith

During a flood, a man of extreme faith finds himself stranded on his roof. He gets on his knees and prays for God to deliver him. A few moments later, some rescue workers show up, but he turns them away. "God will deliver me. Save someone else."

He remained on the house praying.

Then some boys came along in a canoe. The water was rising awefully fast... and they asked him to get in with them. He declined... again saying that God would save him.

At last the water was licking at his feet... yet he remained... faithfully praying. God would deliver him.

That's when the helicopter appeared. The workers begged the man to get on board, but he refused. God would save him.

The copter flew away... and shortly there-after the waters rose up and swept the man away to his death.

When he got to Heaven he was furious with God.

"Why didn't you save me?" he demanded.

"I sent you a rescue boat, a canoe, and a helicopter. Why didn't you save yourself?"

Inscribed in gold on the wheel of the CSS Alabama are the words, "God helps those who help themselves."

When one disregards the medical community, and their abilities to heal, one limits God. Miracles are visible in hospitals all around the country, every day.

Just the other day... a patient that everyone knew was brain-dead... who was destined for life as an apricot, simply looked up at her husband and said, "Good Morning."

We must have faith, but we must also do the work. The Walls of Jericho did not fall on their own.

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