Friday, March 04, 2005

The Friday ATF Post

ATF... Alchohol, Tobacco, and Fireams... hehehehe.. It's occured to me that guns belong in these talks... and ol' LeatherWing has a quextion anyways...

"This is off topic, but since it's Nate's blog, not by much.A while back a female asked Nate advice on buying a handgun. My wife is interested in one, and I don't know too much about them myself. Could anybody point me back to that conversation?"

Now why would we point ya to it, when we can just have it all over again? Its the Bloggerblaster! We never tire of guns or booze!

I'm a big fan of wheel guns for chicks... They are more concealable, lighter, less bulky, and when you pull the trigger, the gun goes bang... Everytime. My standard recommendation is a titanium 7 shot Taurus .357 magnum.

Your little lady can practice with .38specials... and carry the big .357's when she needs 'em.

If she doesn't want a wheelgun, don't force it on her. There are plenty of options out there.

Chick Guns:

Glocks: Chicks love glocks. Get at least a .40 though. If you get a 9mm, don't blame me when you start havin' dreams about your wife not havin' enough gun.

Berretta: The 9000s is a great little carry gun, and there are all manner of Berretta shirts.. bags... stickers... even jewelry that she can accessorize with. Don't think for a second that this doesn't matter to a chick.

Taurus: The Milliniums are great little guns. Easy to carry, easy to shoot, and they're reliable. What esle do you want?

Khar: If you've got 500 bucks to drop... this is where to drop it. Best trigger you can get.

What say ya Boys?

Now... on to the booze...

It's Bookers tonight y'all. Piss on JAC. I'm tired o' waitin' on his sorry ass. Fact is I cracked it open last weekend... and even offered a nip to a pretty little blonde girl who came over to hang out with DrWho and I. Poor thing thought she liked C**** R****. You know what I mean. That damned Canadian Blended Abomination.

My blog's to nice a place to clutter up with that mess. II refuse to even type the name. ts Vulgar.

There ya go. 40 bucks a bottle... comes in its own casket! Smoothest 122.5 proof you'll ever have.

So that's guns and booze... on to tobacco...

I'm gonna clue y'all in on a secret of JAC's and mine. Best cheap cigars you'll ever smoke. In fact... they might be the best cigars you ever smoke period.


They're dominican... All Dominican... That's all I'm sayin'... cept for this...

I used to frequent a little cigar shop in downtown Nashville. This snooty lookin' fella was in there lookin' for a "good cigar". The owner handed him a tab. and he turned his nose up. Said he didn't smoke 3 dollar cigars.

The owner says... "I'll tell ya want young fella... you smoke that one. If you don't like it, no charge. If ya do, you buy the box."

Deal said the snob.

Long story short... He left with a box of cigars, and another on order.

Now... throw 'em back.. light 'em up... and lock and load. It's definately an ATF night.

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