Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Acceptable Man Behavior

Boys there are rules, important rules that all men should be counted on to abide by. These standards of behavior would go a long way towards makin' the world a far better place to live in. So here goes:

1) Don't screw your buddy's girl.

2) Don't screw your buddy's sister, unless you marry her.

3) If your daddy, or grand-daddy dies, you get to cry.

4) Crying at any other time for any other reason is unacceptable.

5) Emotional outbursts are reserved for women and boys.

6) If you deserve an asswhippin', admit it.

7) if your budddy admits he deserves an asshippin', you are no longer obligated to beat him senseless.

8) Women must be defended, and protected, whether they need it or not.

9) Never admit that you don't know how to fix something. Lie, and learn.

10) Love the Lord and be happy to explain why.

11) Compliment women.

12) The use of any type of beauty product is expressly forbidden.

13) Never. Never take fashion advice from a woman.

14) If a 6 year old boy thinks it's cool, it is.

15) Never pickup a girl with an adam's apple.

16) Never get drunk in public.

17) Avoid violence when possible.

18) If violence cannot be avoided, commit, and go with everything you have.

19) You must have a favorite car, and you must know everything about it.

20) Your favorite car cannot be front wheel drive.

That's enough for now. We may pick up some more.

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