Saturday, July 10, 2004

Truth, from the comments

JAC comments: Part of growing from boy to man is realizing the chicks are huntin' us. Ya' don't require chasing.

This is key.

Are you familiar with the old myth about women chasing married men? There are sucker guys who even wear wedding rings to try to attract women. You often hear newly married guys talk about how much more women hit on them now that they are married.

They aren't hitting on you more, you just took your blinders off. You've been to busy chasing them to notice that they were chasing you. There's plenty of motion, its the relative motion is the trouble! Its like the two of ya are runnin' in circles. She's chasin you and you her. You got married, stopped chasing, and all these women suddenly smacked right into you.

Women think about ways to find a man far more than men think of a ways to find women. Women enjoy the hunt so much, that after they get married, they can't give it up. So they continue, by actively hunting alone or in packs for their single friends. Men don't do this.

I have a great number of female friends, and all of them are hunters. Hunters isn't really the right word though is it? They don't want to find the prey and capture it... They want the prey to convince the prey to find them, and then convince the prey that it's captured them... when in fact... it's completely the other way around.

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