Wednesday, July 21, 2004

MailNate:  More on the Bob's.
Joe writes:
I'm trying to get some more info on BOBs. Someone on Vox's blog referred to your blog post on 4/15/04. At the end you said that you would write more on the topic later, but I have not been able to find it. Am I overlooking it or what? Also, where did you get the MREs? Is this a military surplus thing or can they be purchased new?
Ok... I did say I was gonna write more about this... and I never did.  But of course, I always say I'm gonna write more... and I never do... dammit. 

But sense ya asked, and well... it's important, I will this time.  So here goes.

MRE's can be found all over.  The perfered method is to get a reservist friend to pilfer you some.  Barring that, camping stores, mil surplus, and so on...  prices vary.  

A BoB is not something you finish and put away.  It's something that we tweak all the time.  You replace things, add new do-dads, and generally mess with the thing.  We all have favorite items that we've added.  For example, Julie has the coolest thing.  It's basicly a tube of plaster that hardens when air hits it.  So you set the bone, cut the package open, rub the stuff over the limb you want protected, and ***POOF***  instant cast.

Lots of folks have weekend exercizes where they actually bug-out.  You grab your bag and go.  You can only bring whats in the back and your truck already.  Everyone meets out in the woods and lives out of the bag for a couple days.  Never done it...  sounds like a helluva plan though.  One day.

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