Thursday, July 08, 2004

A book.. or somthing

So some of the gang have been kickin' around the idea of a make-shift book of the month club. I'm game but I'm a bit conflicted about it. I mean one, how are we supposed to come up with a book that RJK, Spacebunny, Bill, and I will all like?

It pretty much limits us to classics. Now JAC will probly be down with the classics, because his daughters are at that point where he needs to be brushin' up anyway... but dude. I am NOT reading anything by Dickens. The man was an idiot and pretty much sucked as an author. Anyone who begins an auto-biographical novel with the sentence, "I was born." should have their pen permenantly stripped from them.

Now... if it was up to me, we'd start with "The South Was Right". But I doubt the girls would dig that to much. JAC and I have a great love for Hemmingway, but again, chicks don't dig Uncle Ernie.

How about Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintanence by Robert Pirsig?

Or Ghost Rider by Neal Peart?

Yes... both books involve men and motorcycles, but neither are about motorcycles.

Suggestions welcome.

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